We love science. That’s why we do research. Our community is made of women, men and queer people, who are tall, small, thin, big, old, young, black, brown, white… and all of this should not matter: we’re all here for science 🙂

However, we live in a society which has bias, and our community is not spared by it (have you read this article, for example?). As a mostly feminine team in a male dominated research area (in the US, in Europein Canada, …), we have directly been confronted with sexist comments, generally from people who are totally oblivious to the sexism of their own behavior.

We think that most people have good intentions, and do not like injustice. We think that most researchers want to work in an environment which is inclusive of all people. We think we can change our working environment and improve it by discussing with colleagues, sharing our different point of views and experiences.

That’s what we want to do with the project did this really happen?. Share stories of events that actually happened, but that, we think, do not have their place in a professional environment (or in any environment, for that matter). We want to show daily sexist comments and behaviors, not to point fingers at specific people, not to show what is the right way to act, but to encourage discussions between coworkers, and, hopefully, to make people think how, as a group, we can do better.

Are you with us? Then, here is how you can contribute:

  • Enjoy reading the comics, and think about how you would have reacted in such situations,
  • Share the contents of this website on your favorite social media,
  • Print some comics and put them in the common room of your lab to start discussions,
  • Share one of your personal story with us, anonymously or not, through this form.

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