Alice Adenis


Cartoonist, Data Scientist and PhD in geophysics. I like drawing and programming. I hope life’s long enough to get good at two things.






Maëlis Arnould


Postdoctoral fellow at CEED, Oslo in Norway. I currently work on the role of mantle rheology on flow patterns and surface tectonics of planetary bodies as part of the PLATONICS project.

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Marie Bocher


PhD in geodynamics from Lyon, I am now Post-doc in Zürich, Switzerland. I study dynamical models of the seismic cycle and develop methods to assimilate observation into these models.

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Nicolas Coltice

Professor at Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris, and before at University Lyon 1. I teach and do research on the dynamics of the interior of the Earth and planets. I think I can use my job to contribute to help on some social issues, like equal opportunity. I have the chance to work with Alice, Mélanie, Claire, Marie, Maëlis and Martina, and discover what it is to be a feminine team in geosciences. I am grateful to have the support of the European Research Council for what we’ve done together.




Mélanie Gérault


Postdoctoral researcher at MIT in the United States. My research aims at understanding geological and geophysical evidence by means of numerical modeling. I am mostly focussed on understanding what controls global tectonic plate motions and surface topography. I am also interested in all forms of resistance against discrimination, prejudice and oppression.





Claire Mallard

Postdoctoral research fellow in the Earthbyte group, at the University of Sydney (Australia). I completed my PhD at the University of Lyon (France) in 2017 in Geophysics/Geodynamics, using virtual planets to better understand the relationships between deep dynamics and surface tectonics. I now investigate the feedback between mantle flow, crustal deformation, erosion and sediment deposits at the scale of sedimentary systems.

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Martina Ulvrova

Former postdoctoral fellow at University Lyon 1. My research topics cover deep time long term thermal evolution of the Earth, volcanic paleo-tsunamis and dynamics of plate boundaries including subduction and rift zones. I am a world traveler and a trail runner.