2 thoughts on “Being invited

  1. Gilles Labruyère says:

    Et donc, refuser le séminaire, glisser une planche d’excuses pour être une femme ? Dans ma prochaine conférence, je mentionne l’augmentation de la mixité dans nos équipes.
    Bien illustré, Alice !


  2. Maribeth Stolzenburg says:

    Oh So True! A quite similar comment was made to me a few years ago, in front of a group of the commenters’ (all male) graduate students and a film crew (all male) working on a science documentary. Someone asked about the four people who were being interviewed to cover the various sides of the topic. Of course (he offered) I was chosen as the token female (implication: rather than as an expert in the field like the others).
    This experience runs through my head constantly, as one of just a few senior-level females in my field. I cannot see that things have improved a lot in 30 years…
    It’s going to take a long time to change perceptions, but your work is an excellent approach. Thank you!


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