6 thoughts on “Female Quota

  1. Hend Abdelrasoul says:

    I am a woman and I have 3 children, I completely disappointed, it is toooo much and always what I am doing in the lab is not enough and moreover not appreciated. at home as well whatever I did with my children it is not enough, I need to spend more time with them but I can not. I feel like I am a bad mom and a bad scientist. I need more time to read, to think about what I am doing, to play with my children, to write the thesis, to find a fund after my PhD. I need motivation !!!! I need more 24h per day to complete my duties!! ūüė¶ in my next life I will never be a woman


  2. Michelle says:

    I imagine many people reading this would like to instate quotas for females, but am I right to believe from this comic that the same people don’t want others to even talk about quotas? You can’t have your cake and eat it too, or maybe you can if you continue rigging the game, what do I know.


    • teamdidthisreallyhappen says:

      Dear Michelle, we are pleased to find out that more and more people are reading our comics and that our work gets across diverse audience. We are also pleased that it rises discussion that is actually one of our primary aims as is given in our manifesto: we rise awareness on sexist behaviour in working environment, point out these situations and share them. We aim at provoking reflection and share our different points of view without any judging or classifying.


      • Rohini says:

        The point of quotas is to ensure the representation of under-represented groups. And these are groups that are not represented because of inherent biases in the system judging them, not because the people in the groups are inherently worse.

        In this comic, it was made clear that the person making the comment thinks that quotas are used for letting less deserving people get a chance. Which is wrong. Hence that’s the joke.


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