6 thoughts on “Pretty face

  1. Michelle says:

    I think this is what pathological victimhood mentality looks like, when you construe everything a white male says to be some form of malicious attack.


    • teamdidthisreallyhappen says:

      Dear Michelle, we are pleased to find out that more and more people across diverse audience are reading our comics. We are also pleased that it rises discussion that is actually one of our primary aims as is given in our manifesto: we rise awareness on sexist behaviour and comments in working environment, share these stories and encourage discussions. We aim at provoking reflection and share our different points of view without any judging or classifying in order to make people think how, as a group, we can do better.


    • Rohini says:

      I think the whole point is that, no one thinks it’s a malicious attack. It’s an unconscious bias the white male in the comic has, and though he may feel it’s a harmless comment, but it has a lot of deep seated, unknowing mysogyny attached to it. If good looking guys receive a comment like this as often as good looking girls do, we can then confirm it is not a bias. But, does that really happen?


  2. Biologically Male, identifying as male gender, 1D says:

    Knowing the disfunctional social skills and the competition pressure among peers that exist in science, and that can only exist due to the absolute lack of empathy, I think that was a very bad approach line.

    But mansplaining, abuses and all other consequences of sexism are widely spread.

    Can you make a comic about a supervisor considering 5 months out of work for a PhD due to … pregnancy and multiplication … being too much time off?
    Of course he was pressuring her to work from home, too (disclaimer: I do not say that to identify woman = mother)


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